At In IJburg we live the summer live, so almost all places have a terrace.

Praq, IJdijk 8 (Zeeburgereiland): restaurant in Waaidorp (fan village), housed in a bright red shed. The menu features things like nettle soup, ridicule and pestle Hassel blackberry pie. There will also be cultural brunches, fashion shows, a cafe chantant, cooking for kids, a mini-musical, a dance hall for thirty year-olds, a monthly drive inn and Swing Village, were music talents are offered a stage.


Vrijburcht, J.O. Vaillantlaan 159: alternative restaurant with a nice view over the water.

Designcafe by Spiazzo, Medinalaan 89: The coffee bar in Design020.


Blok 4, IJburglaan 500: terrace at the waterside, with a spectacular view. 

I-grec, Jean Desmetstraat 121: Greek food and a nice terrace at the waterside of a canal.

Boerenjongens eetwinkel, Talbotstraat 3: deli shop annex lunch room with products from the region: cheese, bread, wine, pesto's, etc. 

Bloem op IJburg, IJburglaan 1289: Italian restaurant. 

Espressofabriek, IJburglaan 1489: Beautiful coffee bar with wifi. 

Mesken, IJburglaan 1491: original Turkish restaurant, no alcohol!

Tante Til, IJburglaan 1501: cosy and affordable mediterranean restaurant.


N.A.P., Krijn Taconiskade 124: fantastic restaurant and bar with a view on the harbour. Wifi available.

Dok48, Krijn Taconiskade 328: bar and restaurant with a view on the harbor. 


Blijburg, Muiderlaan 1: Blijburg is everything: beach, restaurant, bar, disco, stage, festival area, shop, yoga school, flea market and so much more.