For daily shopping, you can either go to the Joris Ivensplein or to the Pampuslaan. The two supermarkets are situated at the Joris Ivensplein (tram 26 stop Vennepluimstraat), along with other daily shops. Pampuslaan has some Turkish and Moroccan shops for food. Steigereiland has a green-grocer. On this page, we mention some special shops. 


Boerenjongens Eetwinkel, Talbotstraat 3: deli shop annex lunch room with products from the region: cheese, bread, wine, pesto's, etc. 

Dal Magazino, Lago, IJburglaan 431: deli shop of restaurant Lago, with Italian products. 

IJsburg, Pampuslaan 43: icecreams! Only in the summer.

Versmarkt IJburg, Pampuslaan 104:  we have many Turkish food shops in the Netherlands, this is a good one.


Bloem+Zee, IJburglaan 444: flower and present shop. 

Design020, Pedro de Medinalaan 89: large interior design centre, with brands like Kartell, Vitra and Fermob. Don't forget the roof terrace because of it's view.

Don Florito, Pampuslaan 31: exclusive flower and present shop. 

Hema, Joris Ivensplein 60: the Dutch shop that has it all. 

IJgenwijs, IJburglaan 1285: hip shop with presents for everybody: your little nieces, your friends, your parents ... and yourself! 

W.I.C., Pampuslaan 36: sixties vintage designer furniture. 

Amsterdam is fashion city #6 in Europe and that's visible at IJburg!

Bij'tij, Krijn Taconiskade 126: fashion and accessories for men and women, brands like Desigual, Nude, King Louie, D.E.P.T. and Scoth & Soda. 

Ien Lifestyleshop, IJburglaan 1277: fashion and accessories for women, with brands like Essentiel, Yarn unit, Stella Nova, S'nob, St Martins, BZR, Hasbeens, Mimic and Black Lily. One of fashion magazine Elle's fashion hotspots. 

Sevenlands, IJburglaan 1359: fashion, accessories and presents for women. One of fashion magazine Elle's fashion hotspots. 

SUBURB denim, IJburglaan 1155: denim for men and women, with brands like Blue Blood, Denham The Jeanmaker, Edwin, Wrangler, Lee, Goosecraf, Mimi et Toi and Nümph. 

IJburg is the area with the highest fertility rate of Amsterdam and that's visible too! 

Beestenwinkel, IJburglaan 567: cuddle bears and other presents. 

Bliksem en Sterren, IJburglaan 1153: fashion for boys and girls. 

Flo 4 Kidz, IJburglaan 1273: fashion and presents for boys and girls. 

Tjikky+Ko, Krijn Taconiskade 128: fashion, shoes and presents for boys and girls. Own design as well as other brands.